Who contributes?

Advertisers pay the levy, based on their advertising spend.

This is either collected on our behalf by advertising agencies (from their clients), or paid to us by media companies (based on the billings they charge their direct clients), or advertisers who deal directly with the digital platforms – for example those who have registered on the asbof.withgoogle site.

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We currently collect from these six categories
Traditional media

Press (newspapers, magazines, inserts)





Paid search

Online ads

Sponsored Twitter and Facebook


Impressions/Affilate charges

Video on Demand


Impressions/Affiliate marketing

Cost-per-click (CPC)

Television, Radio and Cable

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Direct mail

This separate levy is collected by masbof i

What’s exempt?
Still not sure?

Download our guidelines for additional information on exclusions and methods of calculation

Advertising outside the UK
Advertising of a party-political nature

(as this is not subject to the ASA’s Code of Advertising Practice (CAP))

Classified and display advertising

This is subject to CAP rules, but its exclusion from the levy is simply due to the impracticability of collection from the very small units of expenditure involved. However, you do have the option to still contribute here, and pay a levy sum equal to 0.025% of client media billings, including lineage and semi-display.

Advertising for medical products

As defined by, and licensed under, the Medicines Act, the promotion of which is restricted to the medical, veterinary and allied professions. The exemption applies to products which are promoted for supply only in response to a medical prescription. It does not apply to medicines or allied products which are advertised to the general public and are available for purchase in pharmacies and other outlets

Production costs
Still not sure?

Download our guidelines for additional information on exclusions and methods of calculation


Without trust a brand is just a product and its advertising is just noise.

Keith Weed, President, Advertising Association

All advertisers gain great benefit from advertising self-regulation, so it is vital that all share the cost, and pay the levy.

Phil Smith, Director General of ISBA

Consumer trust is crucial to brand value and so our value as an industry.

Stephen Woodford, CEO, Advertising Association

How to contribute

The Mailing Preference Service (MPS) is a free service for the public (funded by the direct mail industry), to enable them to have their names and home addresses in the UK removed from lists used by the industry. It is actively supported by Royal Mail – and all directly involved trade associations – and is fully supported by The Information Commissioners Office (ICO). It is funded by the Mailing Standards levy, which is charged at £2 per £1,000 on the cost of postage, and is collected – in the main – by Royal Mail, included on its postage mailing invoices.